Frank Ocean Says He Wants To Open Car Club & Move To Tokyo In Open Letter

By Staff  |  10/16/2012

Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean opened up to fans recently, revealing his upcoming plans, which includes opening a car club and writing a novel.

Like his "coming out" letter, the OFWGKTA singer took to his Tumblr page to to unveil his future plans. In an open letter to fans, he detailed plans of starting a car club, writing a novel and moving to New York City or Tokyo, Japan.

In the note, Ocean also recalled a recent studio session with Jay-Z and Pharrell Williams as well, explaining his thoughts of why both continue pushing the envelope though they've already accomplished so much.

"I sat in the studio days ago with Jiggaman and Pharrell. Pharrell looks 19. They seemed like old friends," he wrote. "I wonder how many trophies are lodged in their minds. I wonder why they still build. I build things for the sport and the therapeutic benefits."

Ocean signed off by saying that he's also working on "a lot of music." Read the full letter below.