Scott Storch Wanted In Florida For Unpaid Child Support

Scott Storch

Producer Scott Storch’s financial issues have been an on-going issue for the last several years… and seems to be continued.

According to, a Florida court recently issued a bench warrant for his arrest for failing to pay over $20,000 in child support and other bills.

Apparently, Storch hasn’t paid court-ordered child support payments of $28,300 to his baby’s mother… and failed to show up in court to explain why.┬áBecause of the missed court date, a judge issued a warrant… and cops will surely arrest him if he’s found.

Additionally, the Beverly Hills Hotel is Los Angeles has filed a police report against Storch this past week, claiming he skipped out on a $4,000 bill. Cops are looking to talk to him out west as well.

Storch’s camp has yet to comment…

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