Akomplice Clothing, Artist David Flores Preps Fall 2012 Tee Series

By Jay Casteel  |  10/04/2012

Clothing brand Akomplice teams up with Los Angeles-based street artist David Flores, best known for his stained glass-style portraits, for yet another collaborative collection together.

This time, they work together on a carefully curated series of tees for Akomplice's Fall 2012 tee collection, each featuring select designs fans of Flores will recognize, as well as an exclusive new graphic, the J'63.

Within the series, homage is paid to classic movie stars, lovable childhood cartoons, iconic athletes, and legendary rockers -- including Michael Jordan, David Bowie, Winnie The Pooh, a Rolls-Royce, and even the U.N. Each tee, which is available in multiple colorways, boasts an array of color pallets and mosaic patterns for the graphics used in Flores' signature method.

Browse the gallery to see what's to come. The full collection drops at Akomplice's website, Akomplice-Clothing.com, on Saturday at the stroke of midnight.