Michael Vick Blew Through $30 Million The Last Four Years?

By Staff  |  10/02/2012

Michael Vick

Four years after filing for bankruptcy, Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick has reportedly blown through nearly $30 million.

According to TMZ.com, the NFL pro has made $31 million since his 2008 bankruptcy, through his salary with the Eagles, various endorsements, and other business ventures. So basically, Vick has spent $29.6 million in the last four years -- $10.9 million going to taxes, $9.2 million to creditors, $2.7 million to lawyers and accountants, and the rest going to various things like child support and living expenses. After which, he was left with around $1.5 million.

Lucky for him, he just signed a new contract with the Eagles. Back in August 2011, Vick inked a six-year deal with the NFL franchise for a reported $100 million. He's slated to get $40 million in guaranteed money, regardless of how things play out.

So, whatever money problems he did have, Vick is good ... for now.