Xzibit Explains How Son Tre Landed On ‘Napalm’ Album & His Future In Music

After a six-year hiatus, Xzibit is finally gearing up for the release of his seventh studio LP, entitled Napalm. On it, he addresses the hardships and issues he’s dealt with over the last several years, especially on the track “1983”, which features soundbytes from his late mother, Tre Joiner. But, it also introduces one of his close family members as a rapper.

During the recording of the album, he also found a musical talent within his family, living under the same roof: his 17-year-old son, Tremaine.

During a private listening session of his album in Los Angeles last week, Xzibit offered the story behind how his son Tre (rap moniker Tre Capital) surprised him when he jokingly asked if he’d lay down a verse for one of the cuts from Napalm.

“It was his first time in the studio with me and my team. I was like, ‘Yo, I need a third verse on this track I did with Black Milk and Fats…’ I was just looking. I called Danny Brown, he said he was gonna get down — it was just a time constraint thing with him. So, I was like, ‘Man, what’s up?’ I looked at Tremaine and said (jokingly), ‘Do you got something for this?’ He was like, ‘Yea!'” X explained. “The room was packed with all of my n*ggas, so me being the asshole that I am, I’m like ‘Yea, let’s see what you got.’ This is the pit, I take this seriously…

“He did it on his first take,” he continued, before adding that, although he’s talented on the mic, they’ve both agreed that he must complete one task before trying his hand at hip-hop. “The first thing before Tre Capital hits the sites and does all this sh*t (laughs), he has to pay me a diploma. That’s our deal.”

Xzibit made it very clear that his son makes him proud. Still, no matter how much of an inside track he may have with a rap vet as his father, he makes sure he works hard for everything he receives. “I’m very proud of who he’s becoming, and the young man he is,” said the rapper. “He’s got to work for it though, because nothing is easy. Nothing good comes easy.”

Tre Capital appears on the deluxe version of Naplam, on the cut “Throw It Like It’s Free” alongside Black Milk and Phats.

Naplam is due out October 9th, via X’s own Open Bar Entertainment through EMI.

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