L.A. Artist Saber Takes To NYC Skies To Protest Against Governor Mitt Romney

Saber - #DefendTheArt

If you missed it, or aren’t based in NYC, legendary Los Angeles-based street artist, SABER, staged an “aerial graffiti” campaign in the skies of New York City on Saturday (September 22) in a stance against Governor Mitt Romney’s support of the elimination of Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities programs.

Dubbed “#DefendTheArts,” the artist’s campaign hit the skies with sky-writing jets, leaving behind messages such as “Defend the arts,” “Occupy Wall Street,” and “Graffiti” in the clouds.

“This is a really good feeling to be able to do this. It’ll be a big protest, bringing people together, bringing artists together, as a way to create a rally cry,” Saber told Frank151 prior to Saturday (September 22).

This isn’t the first time Saber took to the skies to protest authority. A year ago, in September 2011, he did the same thing in Los Angeles, via a campaign called #ArtIsNotACrime, which rallied against the city’s Mural Moratorium, a measure to end public mural art.

“This extreme conservative has no appreciation for the arts or American culture, despite the fact that creative people are the backbone of this country,” Saber said of his NYC campaign.

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