Writer Chuck Philips To Tweet Article Connecting Diddy To Late Harlem Kingpin ‘Von Zip’


Veteran U.S. journalist Chuck Philips, best known in the hip-hop world for investigative reports focused the deaths of both Tupac and the Notorious B.I.G., announced this week his “Twitter Experiment”, which he launches on Thursday (September 13)… on the anniversary of Pac’s passing.

The writer is going to tweet an exclusive 1200-word news scoop — 140 characters at a time — on his Twitter profile: @ChuckPhilips. It will focus on hip-hop mogul Diddy, and the passing of his old Harlem drug dealing buddy, Eric “Von Zip” Martin, who’s recent funeral procession, through the streets of Harlem, drew appearances from the like of Lil Kim, Cam’ron, and Diddy.

According to a press release from Phillips’ camp, Zip is the man, who police say, introduced Diddy to the Compton Southside Crips, the gang that provided security for his Bad Boy Entertainment at the height of what the media called the “East Coast/West Coast Rap War” during the 1990s between Diddy/Bad Boy and Suge Knight/Death Row Records.

Phillips will tweet this article, along with “official documents”, in its entirety on Thursday at @ChuckPhilips.

For more info, visit ChuckPhilipsPost.com.

  1. Just put it out there in one tweet.

    Closet Rapper aides in murder of best friend and West coast rapper for personal gain..

    We can see the bitch in your eyes diddy.

  2. who gives a shit! Our fucking country is falling apart and Chuck tweets about bullshit topics

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