NBA Star Rajon Rondo Interns At GQ For New York Fashion Week

By Jay Casteel  |  09/08/2012

Rajon Rondo interning at GQ during Fall Fashion Week in NYC

A lot of NBA players are young with a lot of money at their disposal,and one thing many of them are really into is fashion. Some so much so, they're willing to intern for major fashion brands. Boston Celtics guard, Rajon Rondo, is one of them.

According to, the 26-year-old NBA All-Star is/has been interning at the magazine for a few days during their busiest time of the year: Fashion Week (September 6-13). While it's unclear what he's/he'll be doing exactly, from the looks of this photo, it's anything and everything.

GQ says he is "helping our game out and learning a thing or two about menswear and the magazine industry", and promised visitors that they'll "see interviews, critiques, and blog post from the future hall-of-famer popping up all week."

Stay tuned...