Shyne Gets At Diddy On New Diss Track, ‘You’re Welcome’

Shyne and Diddy

Although they reconciled back in March, during Paris Fashion Week, it seems that Shyne has revived their longtime beef with the release of a new Diddy diss track called “You’re Welcome.”

Why did the exiled rapper choose now to go at the hip-hop mogul? Well, he tells that he’s upset that Diddy failed to deliver on promises he made when they reconicled in Paris, including lobbying on his behalf for a U.S. visa, and also ignoring his request to tweet about a White House petition to allow him back in the U.S. (Shyne currently resides in Europe).

While Diddy offered money to Shyne when they hung out, which he turned down, he says he feels Diddy should’ve taken care of the mother of Anthony “Wolf” Jones, who was Diddy’s bodyguard and close friend before he was killed in 2003.

“Don’t give me any money, I don’t need it,” Shyne tells Miss Info. “But take care of Ms. Jones.[Diddy] gave her $10k when I started talking to him, but that was it. But while we were in Paris, he spent half a million on his chick, Cassie.. If it weren’t for Wolf, if it weren’t for me, things would be very different. There would be no Ciroc deal, he wouldn’t be worth close to a billion.”

Shyne recorded the show earlier in the year, but has held onto it and chose to release it now, because Diddy didn’t live up to his word.

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