NBA, Ticketmaster Launching Website Where Teams & Fans Can Sell Tickets

By Staff  |  08/20/2012

NBA tickets

The NBA announced Monday (August 20) that they've entered into a partnership with Ticketmaster for the creation of the sports world's first website where tickets for games are sold by both teams and fans.

Fans and brokers have previously taken to the secondary market to resell their tickets, using ticketing sites like StubHub who get a percentage from the buyer and the seller. According to, a recent survey by the NBA found that 70% of fans who had purchased tickets from a secondary site went to the team site first and didn't find what they were looking for. Another survey reflected that two out of every three fans wanted to shop for their tickets in only one location.

Due to the data, the NBA and Ticketmaster moved to fill this void.

"When you aggregate more inventory, you'll have more eyeballs and more sales," Chris Granger, the league's executive vice president of team marketing and business operations, tells

StubHub has managed to get around the ticket-fraud issue by guaranteeing that a duped fan gets a replacement seat. However, there will be no issues with Ticketmaster, as the transfer of bar codes from the primary and secondary market will be seamless.

Fans who own season tickets with a Ticketmaster team can also easily post their tickets onto the new website, a factor that has helped Ticketmaster's NFL secondary site, the NFL Ticket Exchange.

The new, still unnamed ticketing site is scheduled to debut in October.

Stay tuned for further details...