Former Kottonmouth Kings Member Pakelika Passes Away


Former Kottonmouth Kings member Pakelika, aka the Visual Assassin, passed away Saturday (August 11) at a California hospital after going in cardiac arrest during a severe asthma attack. He was just 34 years old.

While it’s unclear when the health episode took place exactly, his personal manager Doug Cosgro revealed, via a statement, that the performer passed Saturday afternoon at Providence St. Joseph Hospital in Burbank, where he had been placed on life support.

Pakelika (real name: Patrick Cockrun) passed with his friends and family around him.

“Patrick fought asthma for many years successfully,” Cosgro said in a statment. “There’s no way he could have foreseen the severity of his last seizure. On the way to the hospital, EMTs and hospital staff tried to revive him the five times — he flatlined. He was on life support until Saturday afternoon.”

Since his passing, members of the Kottonmouth Kings, their label Suburban Noize Records, and fans have reacted across all social platforms.

Despite being on the road for their “Mile High” tour, in support of an upcoming album of the same title, the Kings expressed their sadness via a website update where they recalled the memories they had with their former KMK brother.

“At such a exciting time for the group, we were blindsided, shocked and saddened by the terrible news about former member/friend, Pakelika’s sudden death,” their statement read. “Nothing prepares you for such news. It is another example of how precious life really is. It has been a couple years since Big Pak performed with the Kings, but his presence and impact will be felt and live forever. Patrick ‘Pakelika’ Cochrun was a very unique and special person. He is a man that had convictions and honor. We had traveled the world together and played hundreds of shows together. The memories and experiences we had together will live forever in our hearts and souls.”

Sub Noize co-founder Kevin Zinger added, via Facebook: “Our brother Pak is gone. He was a person that touched us all deeply and we must keep his spirit alive forever. I have been in constant communication with his family and friends and they want everyone to celebrate Pak’s life and memory. They greatly appreciate the outpouring of messages of support and love. This is a very sad day for all of us, but let’s take time to remember Pak for the loving and caring person he was.”

KMK frontman and label co-founder Brad X also offered some words as well: “Rest in peace Pak, we traveled many miles & rocked many stages together… Life is such a Gift… One love Brad X”

Pakelika had a major presence with the Kottonmouth Kings throughout the years. He stood 6’7″, and was best known for his robotic dance style he dubbed “hydro mechanix,” which he performed during shows. He also made sure the crowd was having a good time. He smoked joints, blunts and a vaporizer, and pounded beers, sort of what a hypeman would do for a rapper, but with much more energy.

He left the Kings in 2010, and would join a band called M.C.C. (Middle Class Casualities).

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