Two generations of streetwear forces met recently. The Hundreds founder, Bobby Kim (aka Bobby Hundreds), hooked up with industry legend, Bobby Ruiz, who founded Tribal Steetwear with his brother Joey over 20 years ago for a day of streetwear history.

For you younger readers, Tribal was one of the pioneers in “streetwear”, before its explosion over the last several years. Founded in San Diego in 1989, the boys at Tribal created an iconic brand from the ground up, before anyone has laid down a blueprint to follow.

Bobby Hundreds and his Hundreds ( crew visited Tribal headquarters in San Diego,  where Ruiz takes him on a journey through the brand’s storied history, from the early days of making tees, and working with artists from around the world, to their pioneering ideas and massive catalog of designs.

In part two (below), The Hundreds checks out some of the prized cars in the Tribal founder’s extensive collection … which he says are all Sactiond (Mister Cartoon’s car care product line).

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