Obie Trice Explains How Eminem’s Hiatus Ultimately Stalled His Career

Obie Trice

Former Shady Records recording artist, Obie Trice, finally released his long overdue third album, Bottoms Up, back in early August … all on his own, independently. During press for the project, the rapper was asked repeatedly about his relationship with Eminem and what the driving force behind his departure from Shady and Interscope was.  While he’s previously revealed that Jimmy Iovine was one of the main factors, he also mentioned Eminem and his hiatus as a reason …

In a recent interview with HipHopDX, the Detroit emcee further explained how Eminem’s time away contributed to his career stalling, and while he doesn’t completely blame him, he does admit it was hard to move when your boss is stagnant.

“He’s an artist as well, but he has his own individual issues and does his own thing. So back then, when Em didn’t move, we did suffer some consequences from that,” Obie explained. “That’s just how it was. When I asked for a beat from Pharrell from the N.E.R.D., in order for him to give me a beat, Eminem had to get on one of his songs and one of his beats as well. It was like a ‘We give you this and then you can get this.’

“Then with a major situation with a major artist, it’s always situations,” he continued. “The BET situation was, he didn’t go to the awards for three years in a row and so I guess BET got fed up with that, so they snatched everything that was Shady that was going on. So it happened that, at the time, it was my turn.”

While Eminem would eventually mend his relationship — appearing with Busta Rhymes on stage during the 2010 BET Awards — Obie says that was a part of the business that would stop his rise in the game, and contribute to his departure from the team that helped launch his career.

“You be with a mega star like that and people want things from you and in return to just keep your business moving forward and you have to do these things,” he explained. “A lot of things tendered to being that he was Eminem, he needed his time as well, so it was all a growing process for all of us.”

Despite how things panned out, Obie is moving full steam ahead, independently. Following the release of Bottoms Up, the rapper is prepping a new mixtape, entitled The Hangover.

A release date was unknown at press time.

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