Upcoming Brooklyn hip-hop artist/producer Gliffics takes to the Dilla-produced instrumental used for Phife Dawg’s “Thought U Wuz Nice” (1999, Groove Attack Productions) to reflect on his life through his burgundy walls.

“In this very moment I am Dilla on the Mic, Langston Hughes when I write…”

“Burgundy walls are literally the color of the walls in my living room. In fact, the entire video was shot in my home, in my living room, and then we occupied another room and painted it burgundy just for the shoot,” Gliffics explained of the clip. “The idea came to me back in ’09. I was smoking some fine chronic and I came across the instrumental. I was having one of those moments where you stare off into space, but only I was staring at my burgundy-painted walls and started reflecting on how far I’ve come in life. Its’ not hard to decipher, but if you listen closely, I’m saying in the chorus how ‘I remember’ and ‘Don’t you wish you had some burgundy walls’ as a metaphor for, ‘Don’t you wish you had time to sit down and reflect or reminisce?’

“It’s easy to get caught up in the fast pace life, so in these verses I’m just taking it back to my random history, inspired through Dilla’s instrumental, the chronic and my burgundy walls…”