Despite the constant denials from Prodigy, rumors of inner-turmoil within the Mobb Deep camp have been confirmed … by his longtime partner-in-crime Havoc.

Back in early April, the controversy began when comments from Havoc’s Twitter account surfaced one evening, making several disrespectful comments about P and saying Mobb Deep was a wrap.

“Prodigy a b*tch and I’m gonna show it, follow!! ground breaking news,” Hav allegedly wrote (@TheRealHavoc). “i got n***s in the jail system to to back up that prodigy was f***ing homes in jail. prodigy prove me wrong! please.

“i have a big announcement…. and n****s that was locked wit him know the truth. now i will silence…. and let the jails take care of the rest. thats on everything, i had to smack P ask him. prodigy u p***! u long island ass b*tch. I’m about to expose u! i can’t wait!”

Although Hav quickly played clean-up, claiming he lost his phone, which had access to his Twitter account, sources came forward claiming that it was, indeed, Havoc who made the comments … and that tension has been building between the longtime group members for some time.

During press for his recently released H.N.I.C. 3 solo album, Prodigy repeatedly denied any issues between him and Hav, and gave the same story as his partner: Havoc’s phone was stolen. However, is seems what many suspected was true … is.

In a recent interview with AllHipHop.com, Havoc admitted to being behind the comments made on Twitter, but after making them,realized it wasn’t the right time. So, he decided to recant his story.

“The tweets is crazy,” he tells the website.

“So it was you?” AllHipHop’s Chuck Creekmur asked. “Yeah,” said Havoc. “And I was speaking of a stand point of being mad, but still being truthful of how I felt — but it was just the wrong thing to do at that time.”

While he failed to get into specifics, Hav says Mobb Deep is on a hiatus, and said the “real story will come out.”

“Right now Mobb Deep is on hiatus, indefinitely … until things get hashed out,” he said. “Eventually, the real story will come out; there’s two sides to every story. Only one has been spoken for.”