Gunplay swastika tattoo

If you’re a fan of Rick Ross associate Gunplay, then you may have seen his rather disturbing tattoo he dons on the his neck of a swastika.

Why does he have a racist symbol tatted on the back of his neck? Well, the Miami rapper was asked about it recently, and he addressed the controversy over the ink.

In a recent interview with Pigeons and Planes, Gunplay explained that the adopted symbol of the Nazi Party represents his efforts at exterminating all the “fake motherf***ers” in the rap game. The ink is just the start.

“It’s just my symbol of genocide to the bullsh**. “Mass murdering the bullsh**. Too much bullsh** out here,” he said. “I came to Nazi that sh**. I came to Hitler that motherf***er. Put all the fake motherf***ers in the gas chamber and gas your f*** ass. That’s what I’m here to do.

“So n****s better walk light around a n****. I’ma show n****s. I can talk, but I’ma show n****s. All that fake sh**, I’ma call that sh** out and I’ma stomp that sh** out. I got a mission. Just playing the game for the meantime.”

Also in the interview, Gunplay talks about his solo deal with Def Jam, his upcoming solo album, and more. Read it over at