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Despite sales of nearly 10 million for Samsung’s Galaxy S3 since its release in late May, the demand for Apple’s iPhone 5 is higher than any smartphone coming or currently on the market.

According to MSN Money, ChangeWave Research conducted a study in June on the demand for smartphones from the world’s leading manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung, Motorola, Nokia, Research In Motion, and HTC. The study — which was conducted among 4,042 “primarily North American consumers” consumers — found that 14% of consumers were “very likely” to buy an iPhone 5, while 17% were “somewhat likely.”

Consumers gave their responses after reading a brief description of the features that analysts expect the iPhone 5 to have, such as 4G LTE and a larger screen. ChangeWave also provided a few estimated price points, which mirror those of the current iPhone.

Among those who plan to purchase a smartphone within the next 90 days, 19% chose Samsung, a 6% increase over the December 2011 and May 2012 surveys, in which the number was only 13%. A year before that, it was just 5% of consumers who wanted a Samsung phone, and in the months and years before, demand was as low as 1%.

Despite Samsung’s steady increase in both demand and projects, Appls is experiencing a significant increase in just iPhone demand.

While Apple has yet to announce the iPhone 5, rumors say the company is planning a September 2nd release date. Stay tuned…

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