Potluck’s ‘Underground Rebels’ Tour Diary (Ep. 4): Grand Finale (Video)

Potluck tour diary finale

We’ve been following Humboldt County rap duo Potluck for a while now. Last year, we ran a series of webisodes with the hip-hop act, following them on the road for the Strange Noize 2011 tour and in the studio for the making of their Rhymes & Resin album. Now, they’re back, offering us an inside look into their current trek on the road for their headlining “Underground Rebels” tour.

The tour brings together the outcasts, rebels and misfits of the underground music scene onto one bill — including DGAF, Kung Fu Vampire and The DRP — for a full cross-country tour, hitting 35 different cities. The tour kicked off on May 30th and continues through mid-July, making stops in Washington state, Oregon, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Detroit and Pittsburgh, among other cities.

In Episode #4, Potluck gives us more of the antics of being on the road. Over the course of several days, the duo DGAF and the other acts hit Pittsburgh, Virginia, the ATL, Florida, and several cities through California.

In New Hampshire, Gillies gets arrested for smoking weed; the fellas experience the baller suit in VA, where they also celebrate Kung Fu Vampire’s b-day; they have a Roman Candle war on the 4th of July.

Also, dispersed in between the 15-minutes of fun, we even get to see some of the random stuff, like running into a hail storm while driving, a bartender bitching them out in Florida for smoking out the venue, and everyone’s final thoughts after finishing the tour.

If you missed the previous episodes, see them here: Episode #1Episode #2Episode #3

For more info on Potluck, or other acts on the bill, visit PotluckMusic.com.

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