Movie Trailers: Man Of Steel (Teaser)

Outta nowhere, Warner Bros. Pictures decided to debut the first teaser clip for their upcoming Superman reboot, Man Of Steel, which won’t hit theaters for nearly a year. Moviegoers who went to see The Dark Knight Rises have likely seen this clip already during the pre-movie trailers, but if you haven’t, Yahoo! Movies premiered it online this weekend, Saturday (July 21).

Footage of the Zack Synder-directed film starts with images of waves splashing against rocks, laundry drying in the breeze, and a seagull gliding. Then a bearded Clark Kent (played in this new film by British actor Henry Cavill) seems to be a long way from the big city where Superman usually lives in other versions of the Superman story.

It then shows him hitch hiking while the voices of his two fathers tell him about his path, and how it will effect planet Earth.

Man Of Steel is due out June 14th, 2013, but more teasers are sure to come.

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