French Montana Talks Distinct Style, Obsession With Versace With GQ

French Montana

Diddy’s NYC signee French Montana sat down with GQ magazine recently to talk fashion, during which he discusses his love for clothes and obsession with high end label, Versace.

“As soon as my money got right enough to buy Versace,” French said with a laugh, when asked when he began liking the brand. “I have been a fan of Versace for so long, watching people like Biggie, Puff, Jay-Z. I’ve been collecting them for a while now.”

Though Versace is very high-end, with pieces made of silk and design elements like bright-colored flowers, it’s hip-hop, French says… because he — and others before him — makes it hip-hop.

“Rappers make something hip-hop,” he explained. “Like when Biggie wore the yellow one, the one that I wore for Summer Jam, he made it hip-hop. And when he wore the Coogi sweater, he made that hip-hop. Whatever rappers wear is cool to people.”

As the interview continued, French goes on to explain his distinct style, which comes includes his familiar bear hat.
“I like colorful stuff. I like wearing stuff that nobody is wearing. That’s why I wear the bear hat,” he said. “I’ll wear the whole mink. You wear the animal, but you don’t wear the head. I’m wearing the head this time around. It just like how took the silk shirt game to another level and went and got the scarves—looked like King Jaffe Joffer out there. You know?”

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