Download: Kool Keith – Total Orgasm (Mixtape)

Kool Keith - Total Orgasm mixtape

Kool Keith released the 13th album of his career last month, entitled Love & Danger. Since then, aside from guest starring in Ice-T’s hip-hop documentary, Something From Nothing: The Art Of Rap, he’s stayed busy on the road, with two hometown NYC performances (including a reunion date with the legendary Ultramagnetic MCs), and a string of dates throughout Australia, just wrapping this week.

Now, as Keith preps for upcoming shows in Dallas and Austin, in addition to a performance at this year’s Gathering Of The Juggalos, he is also excited to release a new mixtape, offered for free download as a thank you to fans for their continued support. It’s called Total Orgasm.

The tape includes a mix of unreleased exclusives and recent loosies, in addition to a fan-favorite track, “Extra Thoughts,” from the recently released Love & Danger. Finally it also includes, as only true Kool Keith fans will know, the ever-rare “Booty’s Low,” which features Big Sche Eastwood.

As with Love & Danger, DJ Junkaz Lou handles production for a number of tracks from the tape, but as an extra special treat for fans, Kool Keith produces over half of the mixtape’s tracks himself. Get it at

1. “The Ultra Legendary (Intro)” (Produced by DJ Junkaz Lou)
2. “Swag” (Produced by Kool Keith) 3) Fat Pussy (Produced by Kool Keith)
4. “Jedi Supreme” ft. Big Sche Eastwood (Produced By Mr Sche)
5. “Acura” ft. AG (Produced By Dj Junkaz Lou)
6. “Locka Locka” (Produced By WMS The Sultan)
7. “R.I.P. Dr Octagon” (Death Certificate Rmx) (Produced By Dj Junkaz Lou)
8. “Slam Dunk” (Produced by Kool Keith)
9. “Total Orgasm” (Produced by Kool Keith)
10. “Extra Thoughts” ft. The I.M.O (Produced By Dj Junkaz Lou)
11. “Nice Nasty” (Produced by Kool Keith)
12. “Flash Gordon” (Produced by Kool Keith)
13. “Belly Out” (Produced by Kool Keith)
14. “Bootys Low” ft. Big Sche Eastwood (Produced By R.T Music)
15. “Bobby Black” (Produced by Kool Keith)
16. “Prada” (Produced by Kool Keith)

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