Yelawolf has been making his rounds in the media, as of late, supporting the release of his new Heart Of Dixie mixtape, his an upcoming Slumerican Tour, and other upcoming projects.

One other regular topic of discussion seems to be his displeasure with the way Interscope has promoted his major label debut, Radioactive. In a recent interview with DJ Skee, Yelawolf explained his issues with the house of that Jimmy Iovine built, and even went as far as to advise newcomers to stay away from the major label system.

“You don’t really f***in’ need a label anymore; you don’t need a major label, you don’t need none of that sh**,” he said. “If they’re not absolutely working as a promotional company, as an engine to promote your music every single f***in’ day — when you sign a contract, you better be damn sure that they have obligations to work your sh**.

“A lot of nonsense comes with it; I wish I could say that I’m happy with my situation, but I’m not. I’m just putting it out there, that’s my job… I don’t have anything personal against Interscope or anyone up there, but my situation is not what it’s supposed to be.”

Yelawolf’s displeasure comes from Interscope/Shady Records’ unwillingness to push Radioactive fully. To date, the label has released one single, “Hard White (In The Club),” despite the rapper feeling the project was tailor-made for the radio.

Aside from the newly released Heart Of Dixie mixtape, the Alabama rapper is also prepping numerous other projects, including a collaborative EP with Travis Barker called Psycho White and his long-awaited duo effort with Big K.R.I.T., entitled Country Cousins.

Also on deck is a sequel to his acclaimed breakthrough effort Trunk Muzik.

“I did a five-song EP with Travis Barker called Psycho White,” he said. “We got together on this, just him and I, [and it was] just a meeting of the minds on these five records. [It features] Tim Armstrong from Rancid on one of the records… [it’s like] a reggae-punk vibe on that record. Up next after the dust settles off of Heart of Dixie, we’re dropping Trunk Muzik Returns.”

He continued, “The Big K.R.I.T. collabo, Country Cousins, yeah, it’s definitely coming. I can’t tell you when, but me an K.R.I.T. are going to make that happen for the fans. Everybody’s asking about it, I think it’s inevitable. It’s going down … it’s gonna be special.”