Murs Is Not Gay, Explains Motivation Behind Kissing Man In ‘Animal Style’ Video

By Staff  |  07/16/2012

Murs in his ANIMAL STYLE music video

Since the release of the music video for his Love & Rockets, Vol. 1 single "Animal Style," the Internet has been abuzz over speculation as to whether indie hip-hop star Murs is gay or not.

If you haven't seen the clip yet (see below), in it Murs tells the story of same-sex love ... and by the end of the video, he kisses another man on the mouth. Is he gay? Was he coming out in the clip?

Well, for anyone that follows Murs' music and his career, then you'd know that he's married ... to a woman. So, what was his thinking behind "Animal Style." In a recent interview with, the rapper explained that he wanted to show that same-sex love wasn't much different from a conventional relationship between a man and a woman ... and says the point was to spark conversation.

"We spent very little on the video," Murs said. "The song has been out since November and no one paid any attention to it. It's not about me, it's about starting a conversation. If two people were arguing over whether Murs is gay or not, or what the point of the video is, that was the point. I'm not here to promote an agenda. The song speaks for itself, and I didn't take a stance. But I guess, yeah, the video was me advocating for marriage equality.

"My main concern is with the LGBT community, that they have responded favorably. Being a straight male, and stepping into that role, I was nervous about the reaction from the gay community," he continued. "But the way straight people have reacted? I could really care less. Oh and how my wife would react. That matters."

According to Murs, his wife was very supportive of the video/song, being that both have friends and family are gay ... and they wanted to make a statement. They picked her trainer, a gay boxer. In the end, it made a big impact on both the trainer and his boyfriend when they watched the finished video.

"She seemed open-minded, but she could freak out about it," the rapper explained. "The guy in the video is her personal trainer, Armando. He's a boxer. We were friends, and we both trained at the same gym. He heard the song, and he was comfortable with it. But I wanted to make sure, you know, I said, 'I don't want to assume that you want to kiss me. You could find me completely unattractive.'

"After hearing his story, of him being gay, and as a boxer, being in this very macho sport, in a small town in Arizona, and what he had to deal with... He was happy to do it. He said his boyfriend saw the video and cried. I just thought, I didn't think it could be such a rewarding experience that way."

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