Corzillah - Off The Top Rope: Flexxin' Edition mixtape

West Los Angeles rapper Corzillah, who also acts as 1/3 of the Chill Black Guys, released his solo debut mixtape this week, entitled Off The Top Rope: Flexxin’ Edition, Vol. 1.

DJ Jim James assists the rapper, producing the mixtape in its entirety, which features 10 new tracks, free of guest appearances aside from his C.B.G. group members, Young Hawaii Slim and Jay Ughh.

Aside from Corzillah’s new tape, CBG’s Hawaii Slim and Jay Uggh are also working on their own solo tapes, as well as a group project, expected sometime before the end of the year. Hawaii Slim also acts as Kreayshawn’s hypeman, and will hit the road with her in the coming months, following the release of her long awaited debut in August, titled Somethin’ Bout Kreay.

So, CBG fans will have to settle for Corzillah’s new tape, and possibly, another from Jay Uggh. Until then, download Off The Top Rope  now at

1. “OTTR Intro/Stand By”
2. “Cap’n Hook”
3. “Bag It Up” – feat. Young Hawaii Slim
4. “Trippin'”
5. “OTTR Interlude”
6. “Sub Zero”
7. “Slide Thru” – Chill Black Guys
8. “HxGxSxB”
9. “Zips Of The Loud” – feat. Young Hawaii Slim
10. “2 Chill/3 Count”
11. “Gettin’ Money” – Chill Black Guys