Travis Porter

They may seem like they’re in a non-stop frat party when you see them live or watch their music videos, but Travis Porter are much more than modern day, hip-hop jesters. The Atlanta hip-hop trio are actually some of the hardest working artists around, as evidenced by their output in only a short amount of time.

It’s hard to believe that after a few years in the industry and tons of music releases — in the form of mixtapes and guest appearances — the group dropped their debut this May. While the guys are known for getting heavy rotation at strip clubs, they assure that the album, From Day 1, will, in fact, a full body of work and give fans a much different spin on their music than what they may be used to. It’s more than just the club music, but they still keep things Travis Porter-ish.

Why do you think you get so much love in the strip clubs?

They’re responsive to us, so we try to keep giving them music to play in the strip clubs. The chicks lose it when they hear the beat really.

So what’s going to be the difference between the album and stuff we’ve already heard from you?

Really, with the album, we tried to keep it just us on the album. We got two features on the album — well really three — but we just really tried to keep it us on there. The difference between the album and the mixtapes is, the mixtapes, those were just songs. When they said “Y’all got an album coming out,” we prepared for an album. We spent time on songs and made sure everything was right, so it’s a well put together album. We made sure the songs were different — we didn’t just want to give them the strip club music. I mean, it’s full of the strip club music, but then we gave them some real party music.

What are some tracks you guys are really excited about?

Some of the songs that [we love] are a record called “Thirty Bands” — it’s pretty hot. A dude named KP Underground produced it and we recorded it out of L.A. The beat is crazy though.

I heard you guys are doing a movie?

We just got the first edit of it today. That stuff is looking real good too. It’s going to be a real epic, dope, tragic type of movie that’s going to go crazy in the streets.

What is going to be about?

It’s just basically like dealing with the album. We had an album release party in Vegas and we’re on our way back home, but the bus breaks down and in some crazy town called Red Rock and they want to kill us before we can leave the town. So, nobody can find out about it because the town is run by drug lords. We basically just have to find our way out of the town and that’s what we do.

When is it coming out?

It doesn’t have no exact date, but it’s going to be after the album.

What do you think about being one of the few groups out in hip-hop?

It’s really no other group that’s on the status that we’re on right now, except for like the older groups that have been there. So it’s just kind of, but it’s cool though, it’s good, we don’t got no competition.

Why did you guys go the group route?

We all grew up together and we just stayed together as we grew up, so we just formed the group.

What are the benefits of being on a big label?

The bigger push that the label can put down. You know, like we put out a single on our own and see how it does and if it’s doing well, the label can put that bigger push behind it. That’s always great and you get a bigger budget for videos, so it’s great to have a label behind you.

What’s your least favorite part of the big label?

All this promo and not getting paid for it.

Who do you want to work with, that you haven’t been able to yet?

I would say Wayne and Drake.

What are your plans for the rest of the summer?

With the movie, we plan on putting that on Netflix and having a whole bunch of premieres. We going to do all the Summer Jams, we’re going to do everything that’s possible … like TV shows. Just as much stuff that’s possible. We ain’t trying to sleep.