Game Explains Fight With 40 Glocc, Denies Jumping Or Pulling Guns On Rapper

The Game

By now, you’ve either seen or heard about the altercation between The Game and Cali rap rival 40 Glocc over the weekend.

While 40 has explained his side of the story, Game has remained relatively quiet, with a handful of comments via Twitter (@TheGame).

However, Game finally broke his silence calling into Cosmic Kev’s Las Vegas radio show on Tuesday evening (July 10), from France, to address the situation and explains his version of what took place.

4-0 has claimed he was jumped by, at least, 10 members of Game’s BWS entourage with guns drawn, but the Compton hip-hop star tells a much different story.¬†Game alleges that the altercation between himself and 40 was a one-on-one fight, which he won fair and square; and now, 40 is telling lies in an attempt to save face.

“This is the guy who ran up on Weezy with 40 guys pulling out guns, you know? This is the guy who ran up on Plies at Jamie Foxx’s video shoot with 40 guys you know? This is the same guy with five or 10 guys with him at the pool party, I don’t know. They all disappeared, he ended up by himself. That’s how it happens when you’re rolling with suckers,” he explained.

He goes on to say he was with maybe five people, despite 40’s claims, and went head up with him and he refused to fight back.¬†Listen to the Game’s full interview below.

40 Glocc called into Kev’s show, maintaining his story that he was jumped at gun point. And as far as the footage, he
says Game’s team has edited it to make him look bad.

“I got jumped three, four times. I say three, ’cause the other one was him trying to pistol whip me and him missing,” 40 explained. “Any footage you see of me with my hat off, it’s all edited. All of it started with guns drawn on me from the back. I had to dip and run and they had to chase me down with the pistols.”

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