Crunchy Black Staying Positive After Shooting, Gets Right To Work

Crunchy Black

Former Three 6 Mafia Crunchy Black was shot in face back in July 1 while in Las Vegas, and now, he’s finally speaking out for the first time since the news hit the Internet last week.

Details are still sketchy, but the rapper (real name: Darnell Carlton) had previously released photos of himself while admitted at a local hospital, recovering from gunshot wounds to a face and leg.

Fresh out of the hospital, Crunchy sat down with to speak about how he feels following the incident and why he’s decided to get right back into the studio.

“You already know, I’m already in the studio, just trying to get some motherf***ing songs done,” he says. “And just show [everyone] ain’t no stopping me.

“Every time I find out I got a new group of haters, it just helps me out a little more to keep on pushing and pushing and pushing. So yeah, [the shooting] motivates me like a motherf***er.”

Crunchy doesn’t explain the circumstances of his shooting, but he maintained some humor about the situation and promises to keep it moving. “Cause a n**** shot me in my jaw, hey man, you ain’t do nothin’ but make me look like Popeye eating some spinach,” he said.

Watch the full interview below:

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