The Game and 40 Glocc

The tension between G-Unit affiliate 40 Glocc and The Game boiled over into a physical altercaton sometime over the weekend, with evidence hitting the Internet via video footage.

Both rappers began tweeting about the confrontation Saturday evening (July 7), with 40 first hitting Twitter, claiming he was jumped.

“Stop jumpin a n**** & not knockin a n**** out! Give that head up! LoL,” 40 tweeted (@40Glocc), adding, “I just got jump, see wht happen when u passive wit weeniesz! Lol, The weenie recorded it, let see how he edit it”.

Game would follow, retweeting 40 Glocc’s comment, and adding his own. “Down goes Frazier.”

40 later explained that he was jumped by, at least, 10 members of Game’s Black Wall Street camp, claiming they drew guns, leaving him unable to fight back, so instead, he tried to flee.

“Lol! Niggaz pulled burners on me to jump me! Lol. It don’t get no pussier then that! ‪#ZooLife‬,” he wrote, adding a photo (see here) saying he left with minor scratches. “I WALK AWAY WIT SCRATCHES&DIDNT SWING BAK CUZ NIGAZ HAD GUNS ON ME MY TURN NEXT.”

The Game has since leaked footage of the altercation at, showing him chasing and punching his Southern Cali rival, all while recording it on his iPhone.

“You gonna put a n**** on the Internet now, n****. You gone put a n**** on the Internet?” an angry Game yells at 40 Glocc in the footage, while people in the background ask him to “let it go.”

“Oh, you squaring up? You squaring up, huh?” he continued, before throwing a punch and filming. “Look at me 40 Glocc. Look at 40 Glocc y’all.”

Shortly after releasing a the clip, Game took to Twitter, taunting 40: “Iphone in my left hand….. Mayweather’n this n**** with my right !!! ‪#AtTheSameDamnTime‬”