Denver-born brand, Akomplice, announced info on their latest, upcoming collaboration with Wu-Tang vet Raekwon recently, unveiling an exclusive version of their previously released Pelican belt.

Following previously released collabo projects with Rae, the entities team up once again, coming up with a leather edition of Akomplice’s Pelican belt, made of premium black and brown leather, and features an intricate brass fastening system unique from other belts on the market.

Because it’s a collaborative effort, it also features the Akomplice logo, and Raekown’s name laser-etched on the leather.

According to Akomplice, the beat is extremely limited to just 25 pieces, and comes complete in a wooden cigar box, paying homage to Rae’s Only Built 4 Cuban Linx series.

A release date was unknown at press time. Stay tuned…