Slaughterhouse Prepping Mixtape To Come Before ‘Welcome To: OUR HOUSE’ Debut


With an August 28th release date confirmed for Welcome to: OUR HOUSE, Slaughterhouse revealed recently that they are also planning a free project ahead of their Shady Records debut.

During a sit-down with Conneticut radio’s Jenny Boom Boom, recorded in Los Angeles during BET Awards ’12 weekend, the four-man supergroup announced news of a mixtape coming before the August date … which they’re also said is currently in the works.

Member Royce Da 5’9 explained, saying the decision came after all four members collectively agreed on the release date.

“We actually all agree. Everybody in the group agreed [on a release date],” said Royce. “We got on the phone with Paul Rosenberg who’s very understanding. He doesn’t want us to feel like we’re forcing anything out. He wants us to be comfortable and he expressed that.

“We also want to put out more material before we put this album out. I find that the buzz really starts to move, when we want it to when we’re rapping. So right now, we’re working on a mixtape, so that’s interesting … before the album,” he continued.

“We did our first album in six days,” added Joell. “We just want more. We know we could do more.”

As of press time, Welcome to: OUR HOUSE is due August 28th. Further details about the upcoming mixtape was currently unknown.

Stay tuned…

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