Miami’s J Nics is an emerging artist, capable of superseding hip-hop’s trendy musical facade. Candid lyrics, “I keep all my eyes open / purp and paranoia paint the picture like a potion…” combine with a poised confidence. His relentless work-ethic is working to ensure a longevity within hip-hop’s shallow facade.

The DJ Sharpsound beat, and Nics’ easy delivery, effortlessly unite creating a luxurious product, good music. In this UnkleLuc / Last Rights Creative group visual, J Nics gives the viewer a leisurely tour of his Miami. After submerging in wetness, an impromptu house party ensues, the perfect “Unruly” exclamation to this summertime ode.

Discover some of the musician’s motives by downloading Southern N*ggas Ain’t Slow: The Product at