Los Angeles Lakers Get Steve Nash In Trade From Phoenix Suns

Steve Nash

While friends and family were BBQ’ing to celebrate the 4th of July, some big news swept the world of professional basketball: the Los Angeles Lakers have acquired two-time MVP Steve Nash from the Phoenix Suns.

According to ESPN.com, the 38-year-old was picked up in a sign-and-trade deal between the two teams, sending him to  L.A., and in return, the Suns get four draft picks — first rounders in 2013 and 2015 and second rounders in 2013 and 2014.

Reports say Nash also had offers from the New York Knicks and Toronto, among other teams, but ultimately, Kobe Bryant helped pursuade the superstar point guard to put on the purple and gold. The move keeps Nash in the hunt for an NBA title he’s yet to reach and allows him to stay close to his three children in Phoenix.

Nash will receive a three-year deal in excess of $25 million, sources tell ESPN, because the Suns ultimately agreed to sign-and-trade him to the Lakers, who was able absorb Nash via the trade exception they created by dealing Lamar Odom to the Dallas Mavericks in December.

In a statement, Nash said he approached the Suns about the deal, first receiving resistance. Fortunately, after discussions, the team reconsidered and both sides mutually agreed to move on. The team granted Nash’s request as a reward for all he’s done for the team.

“This is a tough business and the only thing constant in life is change,” he said. “After talking with (owner) Robert (Sarver) and (president of basketball operations) Lon (Babby) we’ve agreed that it’s time for both of us to move in new directions. I approached them and asked if they would be willing to do a sign and trade deal with L.A. because it is very important to me to stay near my children and family.

“They were very apprehensive and didn’t want to do it,” Nash continued. “Fortunately for me, they reconsidered. They saw that they were able to get assets for their team that will make them better, assets they would not have otherwise had and it made sense for them to do a deal that helps their team get better.”

Despite leaving a franchise he’s called home for eight seasons, Nash hopes they eventually win a title … without him.

“The Phoenix Suns are an amazing organization and fans should be excited about their future. I hope the Suns win a championship some day soon for all the amazing fans and wonderful people in the organization,” he said.

The deal was reportedly finalized by 6 pm PST. However, it can’t be officially completed until July 11, when a leaguewide moratorium on new business is lifted.

With the addition of Nash, a source close to the Lakers says the team plans to keep its core players — Bryant, Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum — for next season. And, they are no longer trying to retain point guard Ramon Sessions, who opted out of the final year and $4.55 million of his contract to become a free agent.

  1. this is nuts!!!!!!! a lot of questions come up now and not to mention how their chances for the suns to even make the play offs next year

  2. Good, Ive never liked him since, he a canadian groveled to Los Suns, and dissed Arizona politics. He is a forigner and should respect the team he was playing for. Arizona paid him millions of dollars to play basketyball, not to take a side in a very personal problem we have with illegals. good ridance.

  3. You really show yourself here Jerry…learn how to use proper grammar before you go on a rant about something you have no clue about. Jerk.

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