Rastaclat Releases Summer 2012 Bracelet Collection

Long Beach, Calif-based Rastaclat is a new accessories company specializing in a line of various colored bracelets, and they’ve recently released their Summer 2012 collection.

Rastaclat means “cloth of a righteous man/woman”, but their main focus is to spread “positive vibrations” through their products around the world.

The bracelets are made with a braided cloth, held together by metal tubing and tips. For the summer, the brand delivers a slew of colorways: Tiffany, Gucci Green, Merlot and Kingston, as well as NBA-inspired options such as the Black Rose, the Knickerbocker, the NOLA, and Purp’ N Yellow, among others.

Each bracelet retails for $9.99, and is currently available at select retailers worldwide, and online at Rastaclat.com.

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