Nike Unveils Ice Edition Colorway Of FuelBand

Nike+ FuelBand Ice Edition

Following it’s successful launch earlier in the year, Nike unveils the first new colorway of their Nike+ FuelBand, which drops in late July.

Obviously, the colorway reflects its name. The frozen looking cover of the FuelBand allows the user to partially see the inside and view the technology that makes the magic work. The name comes from the trophy recieved when the user doubles their daily goal on the Nike+ FuelBand application and inspires it’s visual aesthetic.

If you’ve never heard of Nike’s FuelBand, it is an innovative wristband that tracks movement throughout the day, designed to motivate and inspire users to be more active.

It captures and displays four different metrics: time, calories, steps and NikeFuel, a metric that’s the measure of your athletic activity.

Throughout the day, the built-in three-axis accelerometer measures your motion and translates it into NikeFuel. Each day, you can set your goal for activity and the level of NikeFuel you want to achieve. As you move closer to your goal, the band’s series of 20 LED lights go from red to green. All of the data you capture on your wristband connects to a rich web and mobile experience, syncing with the Nike+ website, through a built-in USB, or wirelessly through Bluetooth to a free iPhone app to record activity each day and track progress.

The ICE edition of the FuelBand is being released in limited quantities on July 27. It will be available at NikeTown locations in London, San Francisco and New York, as well as authorized retailers.

It won’t be available online until August 12, via

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