Yelawolf Expresses Frustration Over Label’s Support For ‘Radioactive’


Shady Records signee Yelawolf has been touching the people via a string of U.S. and overseas show dates as of late, but has been planning and working on new music all along the way.

During an interview with Shade 45’s “All Out Show” with Rude Jude and Lord Sear on Thursday (June 28), the Alabama rapper revealed some info on a handful of projects he’s got the works, which he refers to as “mini albums,” as well as other topics.

One topic specifically, was about his feelings about his 2011 debut, Radioactive. Although Yela says he’s staying productive, creating new music, he can’t help but feel fustrated over the lack of support for his debut LP. After handing in the album to Interscope, he explained that he felt it was tailor-made the way they wanted … but for some reason, the powers that be failed to push the button in its promotion.

Why? Even Yelawolf is in the dark about it.

“I’m all about figuring sh** out, for myself and my art. My last project, Radioactive, was deliberately given to Interscope … and it was on a f***ing silver platter, given to them to work,” he explained to Rude Jude. “It was radio records after radio records, purposely, was my attempt. These motherf***ers have given me one single in 11 months. I don’t really understand where the importance is lined. That’s just me being real, every artist gets frustrated at some point, I imagine.

“I fully comprised, but I let everybody know, even prior to doing Radioactive, what I was doing. I was being honest with my fans,” Yelawolf continued. “I was like ‘Yea, I’m letting people in. We’re gonna so something more melodic.’ The album’s called ‘Radioactive’ — to be ‘active’ on ‘radio’. Like, it was a purposeful shot for me, because I felt like I had a window to use. Like, I could gain … pull some people in with this sh**. I don’t know what the f*** they’re doing up there. Shady’s great, I love Shady Records. I just think there’s some sh** going on upstairs.”

Fed up, Yelawolf plans to go back to the basics. He’s been recording a slew of new material over the last several months, all of which are done the way he wants … and furthermore, plans to release the music the way he wants, as well.

“Back to Trunk Muzik,” Yela declared. “I’ve never been one to hold my tongue. That’s just where I’m at. So, I’m putting out music the way the f*** I wanna put it out now, and making music exactly how I want to do it.”

In the works is Yela’s upcoming  mixtape/free album, titled The Heart Of Dixie with Alabama producer M16. It’s due  on July 4th. Then, it will be followed by a collaborative effort with Travis Barker called Psycho White, released as part of his capsule collection with Famous Stars & Straps; and finally, an upcoming installment of his Trunk Muzik series, aptly titled Trunk Muzik Returns, is on its way as well.

While multiple projects should roll out over the next few months, Yela made it clear:  he won’t leak any tracks prematurely. Instead, he plans to release each in its entirety and allow fans to pick and choose their favorite tracks. However, the rapper says it’ll be worth the wait.

“Man Trunk Muzik Returns is turning out insane. Oh my God, I cannot wait for people to hear this sh**,” he exclaimed.

As the Shade 45 interview continued, Yela took a brief shot at Machine Gun Kelly before changing topics quickly.

“Who?” he responded when asked if comparisons to MGK bother him. “It’s probably the most insulting thing on the planet, to be asked to sign a Machine Gun Kelly autograph. ‘Yo MGK?’ I’m like ‘Yea, motherf***er. Let me sign yourBirkenstocks.'”

Tune into Rude Jude and Lord Sear’s All Out Show on Shade 45 Monday-Friday, 4-8pm EST.

  1. Hahaha. Keep hating son. I guarantee nobody has ever asked MGK to sign your b****a** name. Hahahahaha.

  2. Lovestory cancelled, that’s just bullshit. Sad to hear about his spleen rupture though. I saw him in Brussels, so that’s fucked up.

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