LL Cool J Partners With Sony For Web-Based Studio Sharing Software

LL Cool J

Rap legend LL Cool J is making some new business moves. The rapper/actor and his Boomdizzle social network/label have partnered with Sony for the launch of a new web-based music software program called My Connect Studio.

The program gives aspiring artists the ability to create music together in real-time, while being in geographically separate locations.

LL and Sony officially unveiled My Connect Studio last week (June 20) at a special launch event at Sony’s New York headquarters and store.

“What I wanted to do was create music in real time,” LL explained, as he addressed the media during a press conference. “A kid in New York and a kid in L.A. can now go online and create music in real-time. This is something a lot of artists have been waiting for a long time.

“What we are doing is embracing technology to bring musicians closer together … same way that Facebook isn’t going to stop you from going to the mall with your girlfriends, this isn’t going to stop you from going to a traditional studio,” he continued.

Currently, My Connect Studio comes as part of the Future Sounds bundle, exclusive to the Sony Vaio E 14-inch laptop, which also features Dolby surround sound and a pair of DJ-style headphones.

Sony and Boomdizzle are offering a free one-year subscription for My Connect Studio, providing up to 10 hours a month of recording time, along with 25 exclusive sample tracks, exclusive channels, and access to additional channels and filters.

In addition to the Vaio, LL plans to bring the new software to other devices such as tablets and smartphones in the near future.

In a demonstration, LL showed just how effectively the software works by adding vocals on the spot to a backing track sent in real-time by someone who was not physically present. He then played the finished track with vocals and backing track blended together.

LL Cool J also revealed that he’s working on a new album, calling it “authentic hip-hop”. While details about the upcoming project was unknown, he did say he’ll be using the My Connect Studio software in its creation.

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