IRS Garnishes Bubba Sparxxx’s Publishing For Delinquent Back Taxes

Bubba Sparxxx

Georgia rapper Bubba Sparxxx recently endured the wrath of Uncle Sam, when the IRS filed docs revealing he owns them nearly $30,000 in back taxes.

According to TMZ, court docs revealed that the former Timbaland protege (real name: Warren Mathis) is on the hook for $29,266 in taxes he owes from 2006. Although the original amount was just $15,000, interest and fees have doubled the debt.

The reps says that the State of Georgia is now garnishing Bubba’s wages through BMI, the music company pays out royalties to artists for publishing. So far, from March through May of this 2012, the state has collected $3,622.45 of monies owed to Sparxxx.

Bubba Sparxxx had not commented on the tax issue as of press time.

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