Brother Ali mugshot

Brother Ali mugshotUnderground hip-hop vet, Brother Ali, was arrested Thursday evening (June 21) after participating in the Occupy Homes movement in Minneapolis.

According to City Pages, the 33-year-old rapper (real name: Ali Douglas Newman) was arrested when he refused to leave the premises of a residence when ordered to by authorities (see video below), and charged with trespassing.

The outspoken Brother Ali, who has long been a vocal supporter of the movement, was just one of 13 people arrested outside the family home of the Cruz’s who the city have been trying to evict from the property since May after it was foreclosed on.

“Just got home from jail. 13 of us arrested showing solidarity with the Cruz family and Occupy Homes worldwide. The struggle continues,” Ali tweeted (@BrotherAli) on late Thursday.

“This is something that’s happening across the boards in all communities,” Ali explained to City Pages back in April. “This is their chance to take the lead and say ‘We’re going to figure out a way to solve this problem.’ Outline it and commit to new approaches for the banks to work with homeowners.”

Ali was released late Thursday after posting bail. He is due in court on July 5th.