More Details In Chris Brown & Drake Brawl Emerges, Breezy Refuses To Snitch

By Allen Starbury  |  06/15/2012

Chris Brown

More details in the nightclub melee -- involving members of Chris Brown and Drake's entourage -- at NYC's Club WIP early Thursday morning (June 14) continues to emerge.

According to the New York Daily News, Brown, his bodyguard Big Pat and his girlfriend Karrueche Tran have been questioned by NYPD over the altercation. However, word is, the singer is now denying that he even saw Drake in the club, out of fear of being labeled "a snitch."

Despite his denial, details continue to pour in, many claiming Drake instigated the fight after rejecting a $2,000 bottle of champagne that Brown sent over to his table as a peace offering; and then, sending it back along with a note that read: "I am f***ing the love of your life."

Model Ingrid Gutierrez confirmed those rumors with the New York Post, saying she was sitting at Brown's table when it all went down.

"I saw him tell the waitress to send a bottle to Drake's table. I then saw a waitress come back with a piece of paper and gave it to Chris," she told the paper. "He looked upset and just threw it on the floor.

"[Drake and Meek Mill] were giving [Brown] the middle finger," Gutierrez continued. "They got into each other's faces and were shouting at each other. Chris told Drake to f*** off, and the next thing I could hear is the sound smashed glass and mayhem started. Somebody in Drake's group -- I don't think it was Drake -- swung at Chris, but missed. Chris didn't swing back, he just tried to brush them off. He told us, 'Let's go,' but there were bottles flying at us. I saw one bottle was thrown, it looked like a vodka bottle, and hit Chris on the face. The anger from Drake's entourage was terrifying. There was blood gushing out of Chris' chin."

At least eight people were injured by flying bottles and glass in the incident, including Big Pat, who suffered a gash to his forehead. Others injured were two Australian tourists; one 23-year-old woman who was knocked unconscious; and another 24-year-old woman who required 16 stitches to close a wound to her head.

So far, one man who said he was hurt in the fight has filed a lawsuit.

Stay tuned...