Yancey Music Group Drops Full Stream Of J. Dilla’s New ‘Rebirth Of Detroit’ LP

By Allen Starbury  |  06/13/2012

J. Dilla - Rebirth Of Detroit coverartYancey Music Group announced Dilla's posthumous album, Rebirth Of Detroit, earlier this year. This week, with its release on Tuesday (June 12), the record company offers fans a full album stream.

Chuck Inglish and Boldy James recorded a lot of the album with labelheads Ma Dukes and Jonathon Taylor in the sessions months ago, followed by contributions from various artists

"What I love about [Chuck Inglish] is that he's from the city of Detroit, he’s got the lineage of the city from the past but he's also been creative enough to carry it on in a positive way worldwide," said Taylor, co-executive producer of the project. "We're proud to have him on the Rebirth of Detroit for Ms. Yancey and it's a great day here."

Additional guests on the album include Guilty Simpson, Amp Fiddler, Monica Blair, Illa J, and Phat Kat, among others.

Rebirth Of Detroit is out now. Order your copy at Amazon.com.

Below is the final tracklist, and full album stream:

1. "The New Installment" (Intro)
2. "Detroit Madness" with Phat Kat
3. "Big Thangs" with Esham
4. "Ride With It" with Tha Almighty Dreadnaughtz
5. "Say My Name" with LaPeace, Moe Dirdee and Seven The General
6. "Detroit Game" with Chuck Inglish (COOL KIDS) and Boldy James
7. "Feel this Sh**" with KetchPhraze
8. "City of Boom" with Loe Louis and Beej
9. "Let's Pray Together" with Amp Fiddler
10. "Requiem" with Allan Barnes (The Blackbyrds)
11. "Do It Right" with Fat Ray, VStylez and Soul Man (A.W.O.L.)
12. "My Victory" with Boldy James
13. "Rebirth is Necessary" with Tone Plummer and Mr. Wrong
14. "DILLATROIT" with Supa Emcee, Nick Speed and Guilty Simpson
15. "Center of The Movement" with 5ELA ft. Pierre Anthony
16. "Pitfalls" with Fat Ray, LaPeace and Loe Louis
17. "Do It For Dilla Dawg" with Illa J and Frank Nitt (CAKE BOYS)
18. "Jay Dee's Revenge" with Danny Brown ft. DJ DEZ
19. "Motor City Sparks" with Corey Sparks and Beej
20. "House Shoes Was Spinnin" with Quelle Chris
21. "The Best That Ever Did It" with Jon C and Allan Barnes (The Blackbyrds)