Stephen A. Smith, Skip Bayless Talk Bradley/Pacquiao, Calls For Boycott Of Boxing PPV (Video)

Sports anaylsts, Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless, discussed Timothy Bradley’s controversial win over Manny Pacquiao on their ESPN show “First Take” this week … and were disgusted.

Bayless said he has “never been more shocked by a outcome of an event,” while Smith called for a boycott of all boxing PPV’s until fans get the fights they want and tp take the power away from corrupt promoters … and even went as far as calling for the government to get involved.

What’s your take?

  1. Bradley on his twitter said he watched the tapes and feels the same as he did that night that he won, if he felt the same way he did that night why would he tell Bob Arum ” I gave it my all I just couldn’t beat the guy” I wasn’t mad at Bradley I was mad at the bullshit that happens in boxing time after time but Bradley fucking shut your mouth man up and do the rite thing go out there and tell them the truth how is boxing ever going to get fixed if you yourself are now bullshitting not only yourself but your fans and fans of boxing
    Fuck you
    Fuck bob arum
    Fuck boxing

  2. Bradley should not even make a comment if he wants to hold onto all 17 of his fans. The guy is a muscular freak, but has zero boxing skills.

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