Living Legends A Wrap? Murs, The Grouch Quit The Group

Living Legends

Living Legends

It’s been years since the entire Living Legends collective has come together for a new album, though they’ve kept the name alive through continued solo projects, a recent Paid Dues performance, and the release of a new single “Trojan Horse.”

However, it seems that all good things come to an end.

Murs has reportedly quit the group. He was quoted as saying that he’s taking a break, due to the countless other endeavors he has in the works … and now member The Grouch has official announced his departure from the Legends.

In a blog posted on his official website ( on Tuesday (June 13), Grouch said the eight-man unit has been drifting apart for four years.

“With the release of the ‘Trojan Horse’ video, I am announcing an official hiatus from the group Living Legends. This will come as a surprise to some,” he wrote. “It could have appeared by our recent performance at Paid Dues and release of the ‘Trojan Horse’ song and video that there was momentum building towards future projects. The truth is, the group has not been very active as a unit for four years now. To effectively operate as a group of eight grown men, each on different parts of individual journeys, is far from an easy task. Believe me, it’s been hard enough at times just to get all eight guys in one place to take a picture!”

In early May, Legends member Luckyiam shed some light on the status of the group in an interview with a blog called Fingers on Blast! He said that Murs told the other members he was quitting before their Paid Dues 2012 performance and immediately after wrapping their “Trojan Horse” video. He also revealed that The Grouch had pulled out of Rock The Bells 2012 and Rhymesayers’ 2012 Soundset festival, and instead appeared on the bill as a duo alongside Legends’ Eligh.

While Lucky called Murs an “inactive lifetime member of Legends”, he said he felt betrayed by Grouch.

“We were supposed to be on the Rock the Bells shows/tour, but Grouch said he couldn’t do it for personal reasons,” Lucky said in the interview .”[Everybody else voted yes], so we turned down Rock the Bells, Soundset and who knows what else. But, all of a sudden, the other day we find out from Grouch that Zion I and The Grouch & Eligh are on Rock The Bells. I feel betrayed, so basically, I’m like ‘F*** everybody right now” because I see that dudes don’t give a rat’s ass or two cents about my situation/best interest, etc. It’s Machina Muerte on mine. Time to get lucky. Hulk smash. Catch fades, whatever.”

Despite Lucky’s comments, Grouch called him “a brother”, and said he just wants to close an “awesome chapter” in his life.

“I will always cherish the legacy we have created as independent underground hip-hop pioneers, but my participation in Living Legends serves neither myself nor the group at this time,” Group wrote. “I have major love for Aesop, Murs, Eligh, Sunspot, Scarub, Bicasso and Luckyiam and I also have love for myself as well. I will not tolerate being slandered publicly by someone I consider a brother. Therefore, rather than leave listeners and the group wondering why we don’t continually work together, I am choosing to define my stance to bring some closure to an awesome chapter in my life.”

The Living Legends was formed in the late 1990s. It was comprised of members Aesop Fables, Bicasso, Eligh, The Grouch, Luckyiam, Scarub, Murs and Sunspot Jonz. As a group, they released around 16 projects, and many more individually; and sold upwards of 500,000 units collectively.

  1. Hands down the most slept on group in music history. Their soul music takes you to the highest realms, but they can also bring the party vibe with the best of them. Too bad young generations are hooked by what I call corporate rappers who seem to have no soul and only talk about shallow things. I do believe legends will live on forever since they have made a world of great music nobody can touch. Thank you fellas, much love and respect. Dilone’s View.

  2. YUP! I can’t think of better group of mc’s in hip hop music history either.

  3. Legends have made soooo much knock that they could all fall off the face of the earth now and still be remembered through time.

  4. The best in hip hop history is what I’m thinking you are saying. And yes they are!

  5. Yes, that’s what I meant. I’m sure there was once a bad ass blues group or reggae band our generation will never get to experience.

  6. It is obvious that mainstream rappers are put there for a reason and given all the attention. They want us dumb and consuming! Not having groups like the living legends know on mainstream radio is a crime to our people. It’s like hoarding culture and information. Bastards!!

  7. It’s like this, and espn is a big culprit of this. They will get upset when an athlete acts up but the rappers they promote on shows like First Take are the jerks who embody this nonsense attitude and this idea of material being above people. All trash, when you see it for what it is. Oh, and that cable station that plays that show take over, where they play a block of videos of this mainstream agenda of one chosen type of rap, thanks for shoving it down our throats! You see the same crap rappers and singers highlighted day to day on that show. Thanks again!

  8. I kind of like it that way…I used to get upset because my favorite artists weren’t on the radio (like The Living Legends, Atmosphere, The Roots, etc.), but the truth is, if everyone started liking all the music I liked, it wouldn’t be as special and maybe the music wouldn’t be as pure because unlike underground music, mainstream music is fueled by making money, and not real, good quality music! And, yea I think the artists we like would like to make a little more money, but I love that they do it because they love music!

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