L$D (Kreayshawn, Tragik, Grimes, Blood Diamonds): Don’t Smoke My Blunt Bitch (Music Video)

L$D is a new group, comprised of musicians and video directors from San Francisco and Vancouver. There’s Oakland rapper Kreayshawn, SF-based artist/director Tragik, Vancouver producer/video game designer Mike Tucker, aka Blood Diamonds, and Vancouver-based music/video director Grimes. The four have come together to form of L$D, who just dropped a brand new music for their first release together, “Don’t Smoke My Blunt Bitch.”

There’s not too much to the song, Tragik and Kreayshawn spit most of its lyrics — Tragik screaming “I be that grimy motherf***er” while Kreayshawn chimes in with “Don’t smoke my blunt bitch.” And… that’s about as deep as the song gets … as all the group smokes and drinks in the trippy clip.

The foursome say they made the song is just 10 minutes, and shot the video in an hour.

Further details about L$D and their upcoming plans were unknown at press time.

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