Canibus Forfeits In PPV Rap Battle, Pulls Out Notebook In Final Round

Canibus at LA battle againze Dizaster

Canibus at LA battle againze Dizaster

Legendary underground emcee Canibus took part in one-on-one rap battle event in Los Angeles on Saturday (June 9), where he forfeited and had the Internet going nuts in the process after footage of the battle made its way online.

The NYC rapper signed on to battle local rap opponent Dizaster in King Of The Dot’s one-on-one main event called “Vendetta: Battle Royale” over the weekend … and things were bad for Canibus right from the start.

In the first two rounds of the battle, he struggled, forgetting his lyrics while Dizaster ripped him to shreds … lyrically. By the third round, Bis just gave up. He forfeited to Dizaster, declaring him the winner, but chose to spit some bars anyway … from a notebook.

Yep, you read right. Canibus pulled out a notebook, explaining that he had rehearsed for weeks, but just isn’t good a freestyling. So, instead of letting everyone down, he wanted to spit the bars he had prepared for his opponent, but just couldn’t remember.

“[Dizaster can] spit, aight? I prepared for three weeks, every day to come here. I wrote so many f***in’ rhymes, you can’t memorize all that sh**. I’m not a good freestyler, I’m technical — always been that way. I didn’t come here to let ya’ll down, so this is what I’mma do… You win Diz, aight? But, I wanna still spit my sh**,” Canibus explained, before a member of his entourage broke out his notepad.

“You came here to listen to rhymes right? There’s 30 pages of rhymes in this motherf***er,” he screamed while holding the notepad in the air. “All I wanna do is spit my sh**. The man wins. Let me spit my sh**. Ya’ll paid ya bread.”

Halfway through Canibus’ pre-written bars, fans began fill the venue with boos, prompting him to pause to address the crowd.

“Yo, y’all wanna hear this sh** or not?” he asked. “Yo, don’t be a d*** man. I came out here and you paid me my bread, they paid their bread … let me spit my sh**!”

The move was a head scratcher. In a rap battle, you pull a notebook? Although Canibus was known as one of the genre’s illest spitters years ago, in recent years, some of his antics have made him almost laughable.

Following disses toward Slaughterhouse last year, which resulted in the disbanding of his group The HRSMN, Bis surprised fans with a diss track for J. Cole … but almost immediately apologized for doing so. That was odd, but now this? Sorry Bis, you racking up L after L these days.

Over the weekend, the rapper’s notebook incident had become one of the most talked about moments on Twitter, garnering reactions of shock from several of his hip-hop peers.

“Drake’s Blackberry freestyle >>>>>>> Canibus’ notepad freestyle,” Big Brother’s Phonte wrote.

“If Canibus was smart he would come out with his own line of notepads now…” Tha Alkaholiks’ J-Ro joked.

“canibus will rap for food,” tweeted Freddie Gibbs.

“R.I.P Boxing & Canibus as a battle rapper,” wrote Living Legends’

“Canibus and boxing died on the same night,” producer Alchemist wrote.

Canibus has yet to further explain what happened himself. His Twitter feed hasn’t been updated since before the battle. Stay tuned…

  1. I wouldn’t feel too bad about the whole canibus thing. You don’t see Vinnie Paz or MF Doom stepping into the ring. He clearly couldn’t remember his shit, which is a shame cause he starts off pretty nice. Canibus, I hope you keep doing what you do, turn your humility to a virtue.

  2. Canibus is the the Jackson/Jordan or hip hop. Forever. Sham battle rapper victory, or not. The dude has already said enough. Wtf is wrong with the world of hip hop? You could fucking wheel muhammad ali into the ring in a wheel chair (when he was alive) and let someone beat him. Does that mean they become “the greatest of all time?” ask yourself.

  3. LOOK..

  4. Muhammad Ali is still alive!!! You FAIL. Good day, sir! I SAID, good day!

  5. Why even enter if you knew you aren’t good with freestylling w/o your notebook,sad thing is lyrically he better than 50% of these bum ass rappers….

  6. Canibus will always be a shadow rapper in the shadows, He never was mainstream and is lack of humility keeps him drowning… we been waiting 15+yrs for a mainstream album/cd from him and he consistanly FAILS, even when producers Like DJ premier was throwing this niggah beats, he still FAILED, He took shots at J-Cole because he felt like that should have been him as the 1st artist Jay signed, but Jay isn’t gonna back a niggah with a Curtis Jackson mentality… J-Cole slept outside of ROCNATION headquarters like a homeless man for almost 2yrs before Jay would even fuck with him… So for Canibus to head hunt artist who did what he wasn’t willing to do to make it is CRAZY!!! He’ll for ever be a hot rapper who never did much… Live by the battle die by the battle…. there isnt a market for battle rappers, at least not yet! their only playground is PPV and YOUTUBE…. THIS SADDENS ME BECAUSE I WAS A HUGE CANIBUS FAN UNTIL THE POTSHOTS AND NONSENSE!!!

  7. Instead of bringing his notebook he should have brought his buddy Mike Tyson, just in case things got out of hand…


  9. Well said…I said the same thing…the man was just having fun seeing if he could do the corny battle rap thing(these days) n they act like his career is over with…SMH wasn’t it that serious….

  10. ALL CAPS means you’re screaming. You sound like retards writing posts in that way…

  11. There isnt a market for battle rap, agreed. But there certainly is a scene of diehard hip-hop artists and fans who still hold fast to the roots and the battle rap is at the origin of this entire culture. You disrespect the fans, the artists and the art. Your not a battler emcee/freestyle rapper? You are more “technical”? Then you shouldnt have built a career on dissing the likes of LL Cool J, claiming you are the best. He uses the whole battle rap persona in his act yet he cant deliver. He should stay away from battle rap! Comparing Canibus to an aging Muhammad Ali is insulting to Ali. Since Ali WAS the greatest once: Canibus NEVER was. That’s probably why Wyclef dumped him quick-fast. Canibus’s career spans barely 15 years. He should have grown by now. Show humility. That was not an apology, rather the ramblings of a conspiracy theorist who for some reason, uses illuminati symbolism in his album artwork.

  12. Everything Diz said was right. The industry evolved, Canibus didn’t. If it wasn’t for Canibus, Dizaster would never have existed. Canibus wouldn’t have existed if there was no Rakim, KRSone, LL Cool J… Grandmaster Caz… so many. Canibus was and is out of his league. It was sad to see such a public execution of a once respected rapper, but come on he really never had a career. He brought it on himself.

  13. Worst analogy ever. What ailment is ‘Bus suffering that compares him to Ali? (And Ali is alive btw…smh) Ali cant PHYSICALLY box in a sport that requires him to be physically able. Canibus is the same dude, he doesnt have a sore throat, writers block ANYTHING, he should be able to murder that dude.

  14. not interested in these stupid comments from stupid people. canibus is the single greatest rap artist in the history of rap, plain and simple. he is a lyrical artist. some twat half arsed comedian that can speak fast and shouts, doesnt impress me who is he anyway? will he be a credible artist? NO! i wouldnt buy anything by him. i would also like to point out that this clown had 15years worth of information on canibus and this was and always will be the biggest moment in his pathetic life so he prepared hard. what did canibus have on him? nothing cos he hardly exists. he is a nobody. and i would like to comment on canibus’s humility FUCK humility he is the best so he should say it. its always done in the most imaginative ways. i fuckin hate it when he shows any. it doesnt suit him. if hip hop says fuck canibus, then i say fuck hip hop! whats left anyway? drake,j.cole,jay z,kanye,lil wayne,young jeezy? what a joke! they are all piss! and the producers are all pretty lame these days, including primo! this my list of the top ten mcs 1 canibus 2 eminem 3 ra the rugged man 4 big l 5 biggie 6 big pun 7 redman 8 sticky fingaz 9 guru 10 gza 11 styles p 12 jadakiss 13 vinnie paz 14 o.c. 15 nas 16 cormega 17 papoose 18 ludacris 19 2pac 20 ice cube. only the first is necessarily in the right order. CANIBUS INFINTY

  15. why do people seem to think that you get more respect for being mainstream? all you get is a lot of programmable morons for fans. real idiots that can be told what they like so what would you rather have, respect from people you respect or love from people you dont? cos they dont appreciate it they just follow the hype and celebrity. canibus should realise the fans that love him love him to death but the ones that dont, you will never change them. its cos music is based on personalities and you will like who you view has a similair personality to you and whos subject matter is of personal interest. canibus’s appeal is so narrow because only deep thinkers can get into him,and they tend not to be ignorant drunk party goers who are incapable of thoughts that just like to dance to a good tune. only lyrics they ever hear is the hook. total mindless clones,again why would you try to please them? just for money? money doesnt bring respect! kissing ass doesnt bring respect! doing your own thing should. does it? does it fuck! everyone seems to just want to drown in saminess and be a bunch of followers so they can fit in with the masses.its just the way life works, unfotunately. respected by few or loved by many what would u choose? they are both exclusive!

  16. “canibus and boxing died on the same night” quote from alchemist worst producer in living memory and total shit talker! first boxing died about 20 years ago and whatever stupid staged nonsense in a meaningless bullshit rap battle that happened doesnt mean canibus is dead he will just come back harder. one more point on that stupid battle. canibus has a career, releasing albums all the time and touring how the fuck is he supposed to remember it all? the other guy does fuck all else but practice battlin and remember the shit he has to say(he had months) that night! and that wasnt freestyle. it was all scripted! battle cack

  17. This whole thing means nothing to me. I still think Canibus is an ill rapper and anyone who has ever freestyled ever has either written stuff before going into a battle, reflected on pre-written stuff, or was just plain corny up on stage. It’s not really important whether or not a rapper can make up shit at any given time, its how good they are in general. I mean, if Eminem was as good at “freestyling” as everyone thinks he’d have twice as many albums as he does now (and don’t take that the wrong way cuz Em is my fav rapper).

  18. MIN FUCK ALL DEM THAT TWEETED THAT PUNK ASS SHIT!! because everybody dat had somethin to say about son is wack ass rappers… sonz i know break dutches on they cd’s… if its even worth havin! Now first off… all the things that dude said in this battle about can was not even accurate!! at all! mainstream back in the 90 and mainstream today is way different night and day! you could drop a track like WU TANG CLAN TRIUMPH & CREAM and actually get air play! so for canibus thats what he was shootin for until artists started suckin dick for contracts basically the game changed and what we have today that shit is not evolution!!!! From kool g rap, juice crew, krs-one slick rick rakim to nas, ghostface killah, raekwon, and onyx, pun thats EVOLUTION! and many other artists that took rhymin to another level but heres the key! you got to be official, real authentic! Not some punk ass kid in the suburbs talkin bout you real dude in this battle was actin! im glad for sonz like reakwon and beans because they will of course come and see you oh yeah joe buddens had to find dat out the hard way dude get smack around and ran home to find a pc to tell about and he now on the front cover of the source frontin like he gangsta reservoir dogs?!?! really!?!?! if he can come back from dat this shit is cake walk for canibus he wasnt even serious wit dude! its toooo many fake sonz in the music canibus is the one of the illest lyrically if i had to find someone better it would have to be a wu member or some one old school! slim shaddy and the rest of them dude can forget it this dude rhymes on a college scholar level its only a hand full of dudes i know can go toe to toe wit that and most of them are out the wu. we got people with untrained ears listen to this music and dont understand the history and value of it thats the problem!!! and most of these so called rappers today are not hip hop they are not artists…artists paint pictures for people to see!!!! and these dudes aint paintin nothing but a bunch of bulshit!!! shit that ah blind individual dont want to see!!!!

  19. I agree WHOLE HEARTEDLY! These folks are missing the point all together. Canibus even said it during the battle… That Dizaster has no right being in the ring with him… “He didn’t exist before youtube/ he hasn’t paid dues” This dude is Johnny come lately… and you could hear during his responses, how much he (Diz) is on Em’s dick. Plus, he overly animated ( like Em, girly sounding, with kiddish aintics and breakdowns when making his point). Sickening!

    Did Diz win?? Now Cipher. Canibus conceded that sh*t… He wrote 30 pages of rhymes in less than 3 weeks… He flipped what, 4 or 5 pages 9probably where h left off) then said a verse. That first verse was enough to make Diz get back to rhyming harder to try to extinguish Bus’s light. Personally, I still would like hear all that he [BUS] wrote!

    But Diz did drive home on 1 point. Just 1. EVERYONE Hates Canibus…Aah… Debateable and who gives f*ck! Humility at the top is like asking to be knocked off. Everyone wants your spots! Canibus should’ve never showed that Diz’s comments might have touched him. That alone. SMH… Anyway, All Diz really did was rehash old punch lines from other emcee’s who battled Canibus and then he revamped them. Not hard to do. Bus said, he “wanted to make you [Diz] not wanna rhyme no more” (Being that is wasn’t tha serious, maybe he changed his mind). Must we forget, at the height of this HIPHOP culture, Canibus was/is heralded as THE GOD of This (and any) Lyrical sh*t!! For damn near a decade. Who could touch him? And YES, I think Canibus coulda destroyed Diz and chose not to. Yup, 30 PAGES!! [only brought out as] Proof… Point blank… PERIOD! or True KING of the DOT! CANIBUS – End of story… Or beginning of the next chapter?

  20. well, Canibus HAS been around for a while, and if you’re smart enough,you’ll know how to connect words to your surroundings in a formula like Supernatural does. Yeah, he can sound corny as fuck, but his got his rhymes memorized to the point that he can talk about anything and make it rhyme. That’s all that “going off the top of the head” means.

  21. Terrible list. Especially since your top 10 has 20 artists listed. Even then. Terrible list. Nas is too deep. Where’s Q-Tip? Pos? Kool Keith? Freestyle Fellowship? Chuck D? Canibus sucks and always has been overrated.

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