Canibus Forfeits In PPV Rap Battle, Pulls Out Notebook In Final Round

By Allen Starbury  |  06/11/2012

Canibus at LA battle againze Dizaster

Legendary underground emcee Canibus took part in one-on-one rap battle event in Los Angeles on Saturday (June 9), where he forfeited and had the Internet going nuts in the process after footage of the battle made its way online.

The NYC rapper signed on to battle local rap opponent Dizaster in King Of The Dot's one-on-one main event called "Vendetta: Battle Royale" over the weekend ... and things were bad for Canibus right from the start.

In the first two rounds of the battle, he struggled, forgetting his lyrics while Dizaster ripped him to shreds ... lyrically. By the third round, Bis just gave up. He forfeited to Dizaster, declaring him the winner, but chose to spit some bars anyway ... from a notebook.

Yep, you read right. Canibus pulled out a notebook, explaining that he had rehearsed for weeks, but just isn't good a freestyling. So, instead of letting everyone down, he wanted to spit the bars he had prepared for his opponent, but just couldn't remember.

"[Dizaster can] spit, aight? I prepared for three weeks, every day to come here. I wrote so many f***in' rhymes, you can't memorize all that sh**. I'm not a good freestyler, I'm technical -- always been that way. I didn't come here to let ya'll down, so this is what I'mma do... You win Diz, aight? But, I wanna still spit my sh**," Canibus explained, before a member of his entourage broke out his notepad.

"You came here to listen to rhymes right? There's 30 pages of rhymes in this motherf***er," he screamed while holding the notepad in the air. "All I wanna do is spit my sh**. The man wins. Let me spit my sh**. Ya'll paid ya bread."

Halfway through Canibus' pre-written bars, fans began fill the venue with boos, prompting him to pause to address the crowd.

"Yo, y'all wanna hear this sh** or not?” he asked. "Yo, don't be a d*** man. I came out here and you paid me my bread, they paid their bread ... let me spit my sh**!"

The move was a head scratcher. In a rap battle, you pull a notebook? Although Canibus was known as one of the genre's illest spitters years ago, in recent years, some of his antics have made him almost laughable.

Following disses toward Slaughterhouse last year, which resulted in the disbanding of his group The HRSMN, Bis surprised fans with a diss track for J. Cole ... but almost immediately apologized for doing so. That was odd, but now this? Sorry Bis, you racking up L after L these days.

Over the weekend, the rapper's notebook incident had become one of the most talked about moments on Twitter, garnering reactions of shock from several of his hip-hop peers.

"Drake's Blackberry freestyle >>>>>>> Canibus' notepad freestyle," Big Brother's Phonte wrote.

"If Canibus was smart he would come out with his own line of notepads now..." Tha Alkaholiks' J-Ro joked.

"canibus will rap for food," tweeted Freddie Gibbs.

"R.I.P Boxing & Canibus as a battle rapper," wrote Living Legends'

"Canibus and boxing died on the same night," producer Alchemist wrote.

Canibus has yet to further explain what happened himself. His Twitter feed hasn't been updated since before the battle. Stay tuned...