50 Cent’s Not Concerned With Hip-Hop Competition, No Remorse For Young Buck

50 Cent

50 Cent

As he continues to support of his DJ Drama-hosted The Lost Tape, 50 Cent is making his rounds doing press, and is discussing all types of topics.

Most recently, the hip-hop mogul spoke to AllHipHop.com, where he addresses his overall appeal in the music game and how he feels about competing with the new generation of artists, and his feelings about former G-Unit member Young Buck’s financial woes.

Fif tells the website that he isn’t concerned about whether he’s viewed as relevant in comparison to rising newcomers, pointing out the fact that he’s maintained a constant presence on Forbes’ annual “Wealthiest Hip Hop Artists”, which proves — without a shadow of a doubt — that he has no need to worry about competition.

“I been on the Forbes list 10 years straight — consecutively,” said 50. “When I came on the Forbes [list] this year, I’m like, ‘Would you look at that? I’m still there.’ I’ve been on a motherf***in’ lunch break. I’ve been on vacation and I’m still there. Now, I’m telling you I’m hustling in a different way and it’s paying off. If you look at it, I ain’t put an album out in three years, and I’m still in the list?

“Okay, let’s see the other guys do that,” he concluded.

As far as Young Buck’s situation, 50 Cent doesn’t have a soft spot in his heart for the once close member of his G-Unit camp. To 50, he gave the Tennessee rapper more than enough opportunities to be successful, so he doesn’t feel sorry for him.

“Where I’m from, we got a code of conduct that we follow: don’t bite the hand that feeds you,” 50 explained.. “If somebody [wants] to make you a success and comfortable in every way, down to the point that I pay your taxes for you after you [mismanage your money] … and you still [act] disrespectful and say the kind of sh** you saying?

“N****s is lucky you don’t just kill ’em. N****s shot me for $5,000 … [I] feel f***in’ sorry for somebody that has no opportunities; [I] don’t feel sorry for the person who did something stupid.”

  1. 50 sounds like a good guy, a person one can learn from very sharp…..always stay who you know you are…..

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