Fresh on the heels of the blockbuster success of “The Avengers,” Marvel is already back to work … and is filming “Iron Man 3”.

The folks over at snapped some shots from the upcoming film, unveiling one of its new villains: the Iron Patriot.

As seen in the photos, actor James Badge Dale is seen donning the the Iron Patriot suit, worn by “Norman Osborn” (the character Willem Dafoe plays in the “Spider-Man” movies). Osborn (as Iron Patroit) was first introduced in the comic “Dark Avengers #1,” creating his own armored suit from one of Tony Stark’s armories, fusing elements of both the Iron Man suit and the Captain America’s costume.

Further details about the film were unknown at press time, but “Iron Man 3” is slated to hit theaters on May 3, 2013.