Lil Wayne

Lil WayneFollowing a couple days of controversy, beginning with Pusha T’s “Exodus 23:1” track, which many believe is aimed at Drake, Lil Wayne has decided to fire back … on wax.

Hours after the G.O.O.D. Music signee intially released the song, the Internet went crazy. Although he doesn’t name anyone on the track, fans and critics speculated on who he is referring to. So did Lil Wayne.

He responded quickly, via Twitter,  saying directly: “Fuk pusha t and anybody that love em.”

Kid Cudi would eventually respond in a tweet of his own, in defense of his labelmate, making it clear he has his back. “I love my n**** Pusha T, f*** anybody who feel different. We ain’t ho’s out here.”

Weezy responded on Friday (May 25) with a short Swizz Beatz-produced freestyle, titled “Goulish.”

On it, the hip-hop superstar raps: “F*** Pusha T and anybody that love ’em / His head up his ass, I’ma have to head butt him, gut him.”

“You f***in’ with some n****s that will murk ya’ll / N**** you softer than a motherf***in’ Nerf ball, bird call / Brrrrrr, what happened to that boy?/ He was talkin’ sh**, we put a clappin’ to that boy.”

If you didn’t hear Pusha T’s track, “Exodus 23:1” leaked earlier in the week. On it, he subliminally disses Drake, calling him soft while poking fun at his recording contract … or at least, that’s what fans believe.

“Beef is when you hide behind them other n****s/ But they ain’t killas, they ain’t pulling them triggas / F**** n****s,” Pusha spits. “Contract all f***ed up / I guess that means you all f***ed up / You signed to one n****, that’s signed to another n****, that’s signed to three n****s / Now that’s bad luck / Damn that sh** even the odds now / You better off selling this hard now / You call it living out your dreams / You can’t fly without your wings.”

Many believe Pusha previously popped shots at Drake when he dropped 2011’s “Don’t F*** With Me” freestyle over Drizzy’s “Dreams Money Can Buy” beat. However, during an October interview with WGCI’s DJ Moon Dawg in Chicago, Push shot down any notion of beef. “You’re never gonna hear me say that I was dissin’ Drake or anything like that; I actually like him,” he said.

What do you think of Pusha and Weezy’s disses? Who won ROUND #1?