NasDid you know that Nas was supposed to appear on Lauryn Hill’s classic solo debut, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill?

Yep, he was supposed to record with the legendary female emcee, but missed the sessions … and it was one of the biggest regrets of his career.

Nas recently sat down with for a special feature, in which he breaks down his sophomore album, It Was Written, track-by-track.

While discussing his Lauryn Hill collabo “If I Ruled The World (Imagine That),” he revealed the news about missing an opportunity to appear on her album and why he regrets it to this day.

“I was supposed to be on the The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill album, but I was caught up with whatever and I never made it to the sessions,” Nas said. “That’s one of my greatest regrets with music.

“I was getting the calls to come rap on the album and something was always happening at the time when I got the call. Lisa Ellis, of Sony, always used to tell me, ‘Man you f***ed up, you’re supposed to be on that album.’ ”

Despite missing sessions with Hill, the QB rap legend said that his relationship with her was deeper than music.

“Me and Lauryn were musical peers, we were brother and sister,” said Nas. “We looked out and did the thing. [The Fugees] were on tour in Europe, so she took the Concorde from London and flew back. We shot the video in Times Square.”

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