Curren$yIt’s been around three years since fans last saw Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa collaborate together on a full project, via 2009’s How Fly, but don’t worry … because another one’s on its way.

In a recent interview with, Spitta revealed that the pair have recorded the forthcoming mixtape, but said a release date has yet to be decided.

Furthermore, it won’t be titled How Fly 2.

“It’s done, but we not calling it out. You’re not going to get a How Fly 2, that’s corny,” Curren$y said. “You’ll hear a collection of music from me and the homie when it’s necessary, but it’s done. We just chilling. I’m still listening to dude’s verses and sh** still. We just chilling. We’ll put it out in a minute.”

As far as the collaborative process between him and Wiz, he says it’s all natural. Both love being in the studio, so when they get together, they just hang out, smoke, and kick it like a regular day on the job.

“We like what we doing. It’s just about music. We like what we do,” he said. “If I’ma be in the studio anyway, he gonna be in the studio wherever he at, we f***in’ genuinely will f***in’ kick it. So we might as well f***in’ kick it in the studio. But if we in the studio, we might as well make songs. We gonna hang out and smoke, smoke in the studio. If you in the studio, you might as well record. So we just kick it and turn it into money, so it’s just a good deal.”

If you didn’t catch Curren$y and Wiz’s first tape together, download How Fly now, over at