The Avengers

The AvengersDespite the hype surrounding its release and Rihanna being one of its stars, “Battleship” was sunk in its opening weekend as “The Avengers” continuesits reign at #1 for yet another weekend.

The superhero blockbuster raked in another $55.1 million domestically, keeping it in the #1 spot and at over $457 million in three weeks. Overseas, “The Avengers” added an additional $56 million. Now, the film is approaching the $1.2 billion mark worldwide, totaling $457.1 million domestically and $723.3 million internationally.

Universal’s “Battleship” opened a distant #2 with $25.4 million domestically, well below industry expectations. The board-game adaptation, which stars Liam Neeson, Taylor Kitsch and Rihanna already has grossed $226.8 million overseas since launching in April, giving it a worldwide total of $252.1 million.

Studios recognize the obstacle of being in theaters with a smash hit like “Avengers”, which is why the numbers for “Battleship” were disappointing.

“I would be glad to be No. 2 if we opened to a better number. But given the presence of an absolute juggernaut in the marketplace, there’s nothing you can do,” Nikki Rocco, head of distribution for Universal, told the Associated Press. “Not to have a shot at being No. 1 this weekend is disappointing. But it’s a challenge with ‘Avengers’ out there.”

Sacha Baron Cohen’s comedy “The Dictator,” in which he plays a tyrannical third-world leader, debuted at #3 with $17.4 million for the weekend. Since opening Wednesday, the Paramount release has taken in $24.5 million.

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton’s “Dark Shadows” slipped to #4 this weekend, taking in $12.8 million. So far, the Warner Bros. release has hit $50.9 million, well below expectations, giving the successes of previous Depp-Burton blockbusters “Alice in Wonderland” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

Closing out the top 5 is Lionsgate’s just-released pregnancy comedy “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” starring Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez. It opens at #5 with $10.5 million. In it, viewers get a look at love through the eyes of five interconnected couples experiencing the thrills and surprises of having a baby.

Overall domestic revenues totaled $144 million, down 14 percent from the same weekend last year, when “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” opened with $90.2 million, according to

That’s a wrap for this weekend. This upcoming week, look out for the release of the Warner Bros. horror flick “Chernobyl Diaries”, and the anticipated new “Men In Black” film “MIB 3.”

This weekend’s top 10 is as follows:

1. “The Avengers,” $55.1 million.
2. “Battleship,” $25.4 million.
3. “The Dictator,” $17.4 million.
4. “Dark Shadows,” $12.8 million.
5. “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” $10.5 million.
6. “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel,” $3.3 million.
7. “The Hunger Games,” $3 million.
8. “Think Like a Man,” $2.7 million.
9. “The Lucky One,” $1.8 million.
10. “The Pirates! Band of Misfits,” $1.5 million.